Kool-Aid Originals

Kool-Aid Originals

Original KOOL-AID® is a good source of Vitamin C and is caffeine free. Here are the classic flavors that started out in 1927. An American tradition for nearly a century, you and the whole family can enjoy. Each packet of Kool Aid will make 1.90 Litres or 2 quarts.

Kool-Aid Cherry   4/20

Kool-Aid Cherry 4/20

An American classic, Cherry like a Cherry Cola, or cherry drops a top 5 flavor, go for the delicious..

£0.60 £0.70

Kool-Aid Grape    5/20

Kool-Aid Grape 5/20

This is the king of the Kool Aid flavors #1 best seller every month. A classic All-American flavor..


Kool-Aid Strawberry   4/20

Kool-Aid Strawberry 4/20

Strawberry Kool Aid is one of the seven original flavors and adds a nice berry flavor to the origi..


Kool-Aid Tropical Punch    6/20

Kool-Aid Tropical Punch 6/20

One of the top favorites here at Kool Aid World, & always a top seller every month.Best Before J..


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