Sharkleberry Fin

This appears to be the hardest available flavor to find, & a re-issue of an 80's classic. It also has Banana as one of the flavors. A bright pink color and a sherbet-like flavor to the Strawberry-Orange-Banana Blend. Popular with our American customers.

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Originally produced in the 80s-90s it was re-introduced in 2006, but near impossible to find in the USA.

This appears to be the only Kool Aid flavor that has Banana as one of the flavors. It has a great taste & a nice bright pink color too, check out that shark on the packet!

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01/13/2011 Abbie Z. I don't understand why everyone believes that this flavour Kool Aid tastes like sherbet. Admittedly, it does taste like candy, but there isn't much more that i can call "sherbety" about it. In my opinion, it tastes more like sugared candy worms of pastel colours (AKA my liquid ambrosia).
03/15/2009 Mark W. Very Pink and a nice fruity-sherbet like taste. Very nice, but difficult to describe.

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