Kool Aid 35 Super Pack

Ordering a 35 pack is a great option. With the changes to postal charges, we have this selection for our Airmail customers without any increase of postage.

Contains: 3xGrape, 3xCherry, 3xLime, 3xOrange, 3x Lemonade, 3xTropical Punch, 3xStrawberry. 3xPink Lemonade, 3x Black Cherry, 2x Ice Blue Lemonade, 2x Mixed Berry, 1x Strawberry Kiwi, 1x Berry Cherry, 1x watermelon & 1x Cherry Limeade

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2 x Mixed Berry

Try the delicious blend of blueberry and strawberry flavors!

1 x Berry Cherry

A difficult flavor to find, but we have found it. Berry Cherry is a winner from Kool Aid. Previously known as Blastin Berry Cherry, a new packet design and simplified name in 2017. Now added to the 35 Super Pack.

2 x Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Blue Raspberry Lemonade is a favorite with our customers. It's a great flavor and a great blue color too.

1 x Strawberry Kiwi

Tempt your taste buds with the delicious blend of strawberry and kiwi flavors!

3 x Black Cherry

Black Cherry is very popular here at Kool Aid World, it has a nice sweet & tart flavor, quite different to classic cherry, try the delicious taste of Black Cherry.

3 x Cherry

An American classic, Cherry like a Cherry Cola, or cherry drops a top 5 flavor, go for the delicious taste of Cherries!

3 x Grape

 This is the king of the Kool Aid flavors #1 best seller every month. A classic All-American flavor not normally seen outside USA. Add some Grape Kool Aid to your order and see what you're missing.

3 x Lemon-Lime

If you pick out the Lime candies from Starburst as your fave, then this is the flavor for you. Tempt your taste buds with the delicious taste of Lemons and Limes!

3 x Lemonade

The classic flavor straight from the Lemonade stand.

3 x Orange

 A classic flavor for the citrus lovers amongst us. One of the few flavors that mixes up to a bright orange. This can really quench that thirst with the delicious taste of Oranges!

3 x Pink Lemonade

An All-American classic, a mix of Lemons & Cranberries gives this a distinct flavor. Don't be fooled by the supermarket own brand versions, this is how it should taste. Great refreshment on a Summer day.

3 x Strawberry

Strawberry Kool Aid is one of the seven original flavors and adds a nice berry flavor to the original line up. Mixes up to a deep pink with the delicious taste of Strawberries. A Popular flavor for making Kool Aid Pie.

3 x Tropical Punch

One of the top favorites here at KoolAidWorld, & always a top seller every month.

1 x Watermelon

A great new flavor, Watermelon, How refreshing does that sound. If Watermelon Cherry is any thing to go by this will be fantastic!

1 x Cherry Limeade

A great new flavor Cherry Limeade. Our best selling (Great Value) flavor is cherry Limeade, so this has got to be a hit.

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Ordering a 35 pack mixed selection is a great option. With the changes to postage we have created this selection for our Airmail customers to purchase without any increase of postage. 

Please note: If you add any more items the postage will increase, exceeding 250g. Next weight point is 500g. "Get the most from the post & order double"

Good for 1st time buyers, and wool dyers. this has all the colors you need.

Dyeing wool with Kool Aid

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